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Data Driven Insights for 
Marketing Intelligence

Consolidating data across digital channels 
and platforms to provide content, campaign and audience insights

Customize solutions for your business


Compiling information across numerous channels and marketing platforms

Measuring consolidated campaign performance across omni-channels

Understanding audience perceptions and sentiments to drive communication strategies and campaign planning

Improving attribution measurement across omni-channel campaigns

Campaign design and spend allocation to achieve / maximize conversions

Quantifying the impact of marketing campaigns in driving demand and sales impact. Closing the feedback loop on marketing activities


Automated Integration

Automated integration of 1st party and 3rd party data across MARTECH stack and platforms to provide a consolidated view of marketing activities and campaign performance.

Audience Perception

Mining audience perceptions about brand and product attributes using digital data using our proprietary SAINTS.AI.


Measuring the impact of marketing spend to optimise campaign design and improve ROI/ROAS.

Improve Campaign

Auditing campaign design and setup to improve campaign performance measurement and attribution:

  • Aligning campaign KPIs to sales KPIs.

  • Build data streams to capture content delivery, consumption and conversions across each channel and stage of campaign deployment.

  • Measuring the impact of marketing conversions on sales conversions. 

Business Benefits Bg

Get first hand and 
untempered customer 

Business Benefits


 Understanding competitor communication strategy and key attributes, to tailor your strategy

 Understanding the stated v/s derived importance of attribute drives (e.g. safety in airlines)

Automation and concurrency 
of data allows a constant 
feedback loop 
from customers

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Turn intuition into insights.

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