Establishing a unified framework for competency measurement across the organization to identify gaps and opportunities

Competency Measurement Framework

Competency is a combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities & attributes that contribute to enhance employee performance & ultimately result in organizational success”

Each organization defines the type of Knowledge, Skills & Attitude (KSA) they need for each role, profile and grade relevant to their specific business requirements.

Our Competency Measurement Framework allows you to map all employees’ required competencies against their current level of competencies. This is done through a combination of self-assessments, technical evaluations and prevalent performance evaluation/appraisal systems in the organization. In addition, our Framework can be used to assess prospective recruits.

Skill Gap Analysis

Using the competency Measurement Framework to evaluate the current vs required level of skills competency, allows people managers to better understand skill gaps across teams and hierarchies and plan training and mentoring programs to address these gaps and improve productivity across different sections of the organization

  • Employee-wise, grade-wise, function-wise skill gap – required vis-à-vis current level

  • Training/skill development requirements

  • Learning curve & skill adoption – time taken to move from the current level to the required level of competency; from an individual employee, to organizational capability building

  • Lateral movements & re-deployment of resources within the organization to better match required competencies

  • Developing an organizational Master Skills Bank to identify skill gaps and strengths at an organizational level and accurately measure capability building across the organization.

Quantitative Performance Measurement for HR
  • Time taken to hire across functions mapped to skill

  • Talent turnover rate; retention rate per manager

  • Absence rate in the Company, per manager, per process, per shift

  • Employee Productivity Index

  • Employee Happiness Index

  • Training ROI – effectiveness of the training imparted